July 06, 2011

Chinese Philosophy

Comparation of Descartes and Chinese Philosophy

Descartes had experienced a very great doubts to himself. Is this world real or not. He ever sat down and meditated on one night, he then questioned whether what he sees now sees real or just a mirage now. He could be mad and what he saw nothing more than a dream a madman. Search Descartes you can read for yourself in the first meditation like Chinese philosophy.

Talking about dreams is always something interesting in the philosophical thinking. A simple reflection will make us doubt the reality and dream. We can hardly distinguish between reality and dreams. When we dream we feel like we are building. We feel the streets, eat and drink, swim when in fact we are still in bed. Being closed his eyes comfortably. In fact we feel are walking or running.

Indeed, very few people know that when he dreamed he was dreaming. But when awake we are aware exactly where the dream and what is not. But what is the proof that reality itself is not another dream. Dream within a dream. This is because when we think we are dreaming the dream a reality. When we dream becomes a butterfly we think that life is a real butterfly. While the evidence is now what if we think what is real in this world is not a mere dream. A phenomenon well described in Chinese philosophy by Chuang Tzu.

It makes people skeptical and doubting the reality. But anyway this is just philosophical thinking that enrich the brain alone. People living in the world when it was being stoned he still avoided. The theme of the dream has been portrayed in the film Inception. Please read the other articles philosophy in this blog like Buddhist philosophy.

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