May 10, 2011

Philosophy Quotes part 1

A Few Philosophy Quotes from Famous Philosophers

Many interesting of philophy quotes that spoken or written by the philosophers of along time ranging from Ancient Greece until this XXI Century. All philosophy quotes uttered by the philosophers is in need of contemplation and reflection systematically, in-depth and radix. This below we mention a few philosophy quotes that can become your philosophy of life or motto of your life.

1. Panta Rhei Kai Uden Menei: is the utterance of Heraklitos which means that “everything is flowing, moving and nothing is permanent”. We can not step on the same river water at the same time. Philosophy quotes uttered by Heraklitos (450-370 BC)was started when the polemics and Parmenides who think that the essence of everything is fixed, unchanging.

2. Gnoty Seauton: is the philosophy quote from a famous Greek philosopher i.e. Socrates (469-399 BC)who became the teacher of all the philosophers of the world. The meaning of this word is "get to know yourself, know thyself"
3. Cogito Ergo Sum: philosophy quote is expressed by the French philosopher at XVI century Rene Descartes (1596-1650) or Cartesian. The meaning of these quotes philosophy is “I think, therefore I exist”.
4. Ubi Societas Ibi Jus: is a philosophical quote mentioned by a philosopher in the field of law which Cicero (3 January 106-7 December 43 BC) which means “There is public there is a law”.
5. Vini Vidi Vici: is the expression proposed by Alexander the Great, which means “I came, I saw and I won”.

All these philosophy quotes could be the motto of your life or business motto or title of your blog header. Please wait a row of others philosophy quotes on the next up-date. Please you read the other tpics at this blog like Education Philosophy


  1. Hi admin,
    your post "Philosophy Quotes part 1" is very special for us.I think these quotes are very special for everyday life. I have collected many quotes from you, and I will come back soon. It's encourage to work everyday life.So thanks a lot for doing this job.

  2. my knowledge was that it was - Veni, Vidi, Vici.
    Also Panta rey, panta kinetai, kai uden menei.