February 26, 2012


The killer Philosophy is Chauvinism

Chauvinism is a highly exalt the national spirit of its own people. Chauvinism bit identical to the cult of himself and his own people. Chauvinism is almost equal to the narcissism that worships beauty itself is not owned by anyone else. Hitler was of the simultaneous narcissism and chauvinism. For Hitler, the German Aryan race was superior race or uebermensch compared with other races. By default, the other races to respect and glorify Hitler's Aryan race. Even if the other races need to be killed if the poison and pollute the Aryan race. In view of Hitler, the Jewish race is one target of assassination because they have tarnished the glory of the Aryan race.

Hitler's views were implemented in the form of concentration camps in various European countries such as Poland, France and Germany. Dachau, Auschwitz, Belsen and Buchenwald were the name of the killing fields for Jews. Why should they? It can only be answered by Hitler himself committed suicide with his lover Eva Braun in a bunker in Berlin. Is modern Chauvinism still exist today? The answer is yes. Anyone person or a country and a nation that did the etnic cleansing in another nation is a modern chauvinism. Shabra-Shatilla event and civil war Bosnia versus Serbia as an example of modern Chauvinism.

Actually, there are many other examples of a very terrible. But clearly, the ideology is the ideology alone. A cold-blooded killer sometimes do not have any ideology when executing the action. He was killed just out of spite, hatred and envy of others. In short, ideology is only one vehicle in carrying out his revenge. Revenge and hate is the essence of evil.
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