June 07, 2011

Philosophy Books Part 5

Philosophy Books of Classic Philosophers
1. Aghradl Kitabi Ma Ba`da at-Thibi`ah is the work of Al-Farabi(870-950) is philosophy book by Al-faraby  which contains the essence of metaphysics 
makes Ibn Sina understand the work of Aristotle, because Ibn Sina had read Aristotle books as much as 40 times but he does not understand.
2. Tahafuth al Falasifah is philosophy book of Alghazali (1058-1111) which contains his views are anti-metaphysics because it is against Islamic teachings. While other branches of philosophy that is not related to religious belief is not a problem.
3.  Novum Organum is a philosophy book by Francis Bacon (1561-1626) an English philosopher who wants to change the nature of speculative metaphysics with a scientific experimental.

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