June 12, 2011

Idealism Hegel

Comparation of Idealism Plato and Idealisme Hegel

Objective idealism is a school of idealist philosophy which his views, and ideals that starting point the idea of
​​universal (Absolute Idealism Hegel / Logos his Plato) beyond the idea of ​​human ideas. According to objective idealism everything either in nature or society is the result of the creation of universal ideas.

This view of philosophy as essentially admit something that is not material, that is the eternally beyond human, something that is not the material world that existed before this universe, including man and all his thoughts and feelings. In a very primitive form it asserts its form in the worship of trees, stones etc. her.

However, as a system of philosophy, this worldview disistimatiskan first time by Plato (427-347 BC), according to Plato the outside world that can be captured by our senses is not the real world, but the shadow of the world "idea of" eternal and real. Plato's world view is representing the interests of the ruling class at that time in Europe the working class slave owners. And this is clearly evident in his teaching about society "ideal".

In the feudal era, the philosophy of objective idealism, this takes the form known as Scholasticism, the system combines elements of idealism philosophy of Aristotle (384-322 BC), namely, that our world is a hierarchy level of the entire world system hierarchy of the universe, as well as a hierarchy that is in a feudal society is a continuation of the world to-deity. Everything that exists and happens in this world and the universe is the "incarnation" of the commandment of God or a manifestation of the idea of
​​God. This philosophy defended the nobles or the feudal lords who at the time was a large landowner in Europe and the power of the church as a "representative" of God in this world. The characters from the famous schools of philosophy are: Johannes Eriugena (833 M), Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274 AD), Duns Scotus (1270-1308 AD), etc.. this opinion different by Idealism Hegel.

Then in the modern era around the 18th century emerged a system of objective idealism new philosophy, that is the system put forward by George.WF Hegel (1770-1831 AD). According to Hegel the essence of this world is "absolute idea", which is in absolute and "objective" in all things, and infinite in space and time. "Absolute idea" is, in the process shows itself in the form of natural phenomena, the symptoms of society, and the symptoms of mind. Idealism Hegel represents the German bourgeois class who at the time of new growth and still weak, klasnya interest requires a social change, requires the abolition of the privileges of the nobility Junker. This is reflected in the view of dialectic of them think that something is constantly evolving and changing nothing is eternal or absolute, including the power of the feudal lords. However, because the position and strength is weak it makes them not dare to openly resist Skolatisisme philosophy and religion of the ruling at the time. Please read the other content like in this blog.

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