May 31, 2011

Western Philosophy 2

A Sick Civilization
Herbert Marcuse is a philosopher "The Wine Circle 'once said in his book" Eros and Civilization” that" If we agree That our civilization is spiritually sick. " Modern humans are closer to their creation i.e.
science and technology than with other humans, the environment and God as Cause Prima. Therefore, modern man more alienated from himself so that the meaning of life in this world is not found. Who am I? What I am looking for? Are the kinds of questions always asked of himself? Value of spiritualism even further away from him. Religion is only used as a mask such as Marx said "religion is the opium of the people". Religion is only used as a refuge when they are anxious and confused with the journey of his life in the world.Therefore, let us turn to God for our lives more full. Spiritual values in our soul the more viscous and make our mind is getting rich.

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