June 01, 2011

Philosophy Books Part 2

Biography and Books of  Rene Descartes
Rene Descartes (Latin = Renatus Cartesian) was born in La Haye France in 1956. He attended the Jesuit College in Anjon (La Fleche). He studied law and medicine. Descartes had been a soldier in Germany. As a soldier he dreamed that he was given a revelation by God to develop a science-parent of the methods. After that, he felt  to implement the dream.

From 1629 until 1649, Desacartes lived in the Netherlands and publish all his writings there. In 1649 he was invited to Sweden by Queen Christina. He died in Stockholm in 1650.
The most important
works of Descartes ie. Discours de la methode (1637), Meditationes de prima philosophia (1641), Principia philosophiae (1644). For Descartes, the most suitable method for updating  philosophy is Doubts methodical. Everything must be doubted, so it will appear that real certainty as science. This system is based on the axiom and in accordance with logical steps. Therefore, he argued "Je pense, donc je suis, Cogito ergo sum​​". I doubted everything, but something that certainly was I thinking.

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