May 30, 2011

Western Philosophy

The World Mystery is Peace
Gabriel Marcel(1889-1973), a twentieth century French philosopher once stated in his book "Human Dignity" that the world in which we live is "The Broken World". Like a wristwatch, the world does not sound tick-tack as a sign of life.

This world has lost its spirit. Man who fill this world always chasing power, wealth and prestige as well as women. Inter-human relationships as well as with the environment and the Lord has been ripped from its roots. Man finds himself alienated from himself, so as escapization he did like a primordial act of exploiting the devil lust. Love and care to another human is gone from him. Another Man is considered as an object that complements him as a human. Although he often met with other human beings, but there is no insight or Aufklarung. His world became black and dark for other human approach. He did not consider other human beings as subjects so there is no dialogue and communication. He spoke with me just because he gives the benefit for me.

The world is no longer the place to make love and care among fellow humans. Elements of Disponibilite, fidelity and engagement is not inherent in human beings. When compared with Sartre that considers man to the other as a hell, L `Inferno. Therefore, we can only hope a peace without ever could feel it. Hope is a mystery. So peace is a mystery.
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  1. Peace is not a mystery anymore.Man has all the potentialities to solve such crises.It is only a matter of time,it could be fully realized.Several Hundred years ago it puzzled civilization and struggled up to the point of shedding blood,tears, sweat of achieving a purpose.Martyrdom,Altruism,Heroism they left us a legacy as our foundation. Even though up to this modern day, we are still caught up in a midway position of pursuing such a goal of bringing peace to a reality.But not to distant "Peace will emerge like a water escaping from a leaking pipe.