May 24, 2011

Philosophy of Life

An excursion into the World of Philosophy of Life
When that afternoon I was reading the book "Being and Nothingness" by the famous French philosopher Jean Paul Sartre, all of a sudden my eyes sleepy, either because of fatigue teach my child to do homework or difficult to understand Sartre's way of thinking that complex. Without the feel, I dream of flying into the world of philosophy of life that is very odd but full of dynamics. When I fly, I saw a philosopher who was crying.
Turns out he is Herakleitos. 'O Herakleitos, why are you crying?, I said. Herakleitos replied, "I cry because people already dubbed as The Weeping Philosopher. So, if I do not look to cry, then I am afraid that title does not rub off on me and grabs the other philosophers. Meanwhile, 100 meters away from Herakleitos is a philosopher who laughed constantly. This philosopher Demokritos name. He was dubbed as The Laughing Philosopher. I was curious to ask him, "Hi Demokritos, why are you laughing non-stop?". Demokritos replied, "Do not you know that the ideal of human life is Eufhymia, which has a mind that is perfect. Principle of balance and simplicity is the key, all that I have achieved. Therefore, I am always happy.

I also fly to other parts of the philosophy world. I saw in a window's home of someone a beard without mustache was writing a book, then I asked: "O ye who you are?" Man replied: "I was Nietzsche, a philosopher " sledge hammer ". My book is the famous Also Sprach Zarathustra. " Then I said: "yes I know you. You have a theory that the journey of human life and the world is eschatological, where there is a period and the episode that a nation will reach its zenith or culmination point called Uebermensch. whether the theory applies only to your nation that is Germany. Why our nation the people of Indonesia had never advanced. Even to find 11 great football players whose numbers among the population about 200 million do not we find. In fact, we often lose as against smaller countries such as yesterday's defeat from the country of Malaysia in the Asian Cup. "
"Just wait, your country will also be managed to be a developed country. Everything requires a process, the condition is empowering your brain people as optimal as possible, as long as brain this nation's people are still original, unused, "replied Nistzsche. "Your nation is always focused on the der Wille zur Macht, politics and power. While the moral, ethical and cultural embarrassment much ruled out ".
After hearing advice from Nietzshe, my eyes opened again. I was embarrassed by his words.To refresh your philosophy interest. please you read Philosophy Jokes at this blog.

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