May 23, 2011

Philosophy Jokes

Philosophy Jokes Part 1

1. A philosophy degree married to a woman who ideal for him. When the honeymoon or the first night. So the warming-up occurred exciting. When their turn to each other open the trousers and worn clothing, then philosophy degree is only gawk see the entire a naked body of his wife. Up to 1 hour went by, his wife asked: "why did not immediately take action, honey?". Her husband replied: "calm down dear, I'm contemplating for a moment, why God created two mountains and wilderness in the body of a woman".

2. When I visited to my friend's house as a philosophy student, so after I knocked on the door 3 times, it turns out he never opened the door. After several minutes I get around to the window of his room, maybe he's still sleeping. Immediately I was surprised because in the window reads: HOMO VIATOR ARE SLEEPING, DO NOT DISTURB. At that moment I laugh strong. My friend this one is fan of the famous philosopher Gabriel Marcel with his statement that man is Homo Viator, the man who is walking..Please read Socrates philosophy at this blog.

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