May 27, 2011

Definition of Philosophy

Types of Definition Philosophy According The Philosophy Authors

Definition of Philosophy comes from the Greek word i.e. filos, filein and Sofia which means love of wisdom or learning, science. More than that can mean love learning in general, in the process of growth of the sciences (sciences) exists only within what we now call philosophy. For this reason it is often said that philosophy is the mother or queen of science. 

1. Dagobert D. Runes at his book “Dictionary of philosophy” states that :
Philosophy (Gr. Philein, to love, sophis, widsom)
: the most general science
: seeking of wisdom and wisdom sought
originally, the rational explanation of anything, the general principles under which all facts could be explained. In this sense indistinguishable from science, … now, popularly, the science, the criticism and systematization or organization of all knowledge, drawn from empirical science, rational learning, common experience, or wherever.

2. Louis Kattsoff (1963) in his book "Elements of Philosophy",  philosophy is to think critically, universally, systematically, to produce something that is coherent, rational and comprehensive. 

3. Brubacher: philosophy was, as its etymology from the Greek word filos and sofis, suggest, love of wisdom or learning. More over it was love of learning in general, it sub-sumed under one heading what today we call sciences as well as what we now call philosophy. It is for this reason that philosophy is often referred to as the as the mother as well as the queen of the sciences (Brubacher, 1962 : 20).

4. Wikipedia: Falsafah (Arabic),  which is also derived from the Greek; Φιλοσοφία philosophia. In this language, this word is a compound word and comes from the words (philia = friendship, love etc..) And (sophia = "wisdom"). So that literally means a "lover of wisdom". 

5. Prof. Ir. Poedjawijatna, in his book “Pembimbing Ke Arah Alam Filsafat”, PT. Pembangunan, Jakarta (1980): Etymologically derived from the Greek filosofia which is a compound word from the philosophical meaning of love in the widest sense. And Sofia means wisdom, clever or knowing in depth. So literally want to know in depth or love of wisdom. 

6. Harold Titus in his book “Living issues in philosophy” (1953) The word philosophy comes from the ancient Greek language, philo that mean love and sophia meaning wisdom or policy. Philosophy means love of wisdom or policy depth. And can also be interpreted as an attitude or a view of someone who is thinking about things in depth and look at in terms of broad and thorough with all relationships., In the strict sense is defined as the philosophy of science related to methodology, and philosophy in a broad sense to try to integrate human knowledge different and make a comprehensive view of the universe, life, and the meaning of life. Thus, philosophy has the characteristics speculative, radical, systematic, comprehensive, and universal. 

The definition of philosophy is very significant for us, so that we know of mean of philosophy as clearly as possible. You can read the other topic at this blog such as Philosophy of Life.

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