May 06, 2011


Philosophy is Tragic  ?

Many pragmatism people assume that philosophy is not important. People who are wrestling in the world of philosophy is only playing with words, without praxis and without action. This assumption is a painful insinuation of the existence of the current philosophy, but is
not sufficient reason. People who study philosophy will gain an insight into a broad and general.
He would have thought of everything to get to the root of the problem or radix. He would translate the signs of the times with the capacity to think of holistic and integral. He will not be talking big without going through the thought process a coherent, logical and contextual. Every word is spoken already through the process of contemplation and rigorous eclecticism. So when he spoke very touching and in accordance with the common-sense of the wide public.

Therefore, the figure of a philosopher is always synonymous with longish hair, thick mustache and bushy beard like Socrates, Plato, Karl Marx, etc, Then, what is the contribution of philosophy recently we did not want to be called tragic? The answer is so many donations that have been given philosophy for mankind. When the  philosophy was born, then Plato, Aristotle and Socrates always invite every person who met for debate, discussion, sharing for people's minds are always open, not narrow-minded, not blind fanaticism. Method 3 teacher- pupil are known by Maieutica methods, delivery methods and comprehensive mind.

Another example, would not the world's great ideas are born from the mind of a philosopher regardless of the pros and cons. We can see how the ideas and isms a Machiavelli can penetrate the mind of the ruler of Italy in his day. "Il Principe" has become the book mandatory for authorities in Classical era to the present. How Karl Marx instituted a great idea about the "class-struggle" adopted by the nations in Eastern Europe, although not a century old has fallen down by the "perestroika" and "Glasnost" was Gorbachev. There are many more other contributions from the philosophy that so long like John Dewey with his pragmatism, August Comte with his positivism, Charles Darwin with his"Survival of the Fittest", Gabriel Marcel with his mystery, love and peace, etc.

Therefore, satire and criticism of philosophy is not sufficient reason or sheer bullshit. Therefore, O young philosophers in the world let us prove that the existence of philosophy and philosophers are very meaningful and useful. If not, then the warning from Jacques Maritain as quoted by Gabriel Marcel in his book "The Philosophical Existence" (1949), "There is nothing easier for philosophy Than to become tragic".

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