April 14, 2011

Greek Philosophy

Aristoteles as Reformer in Greek Philosophy

Aristotle (384-322 BC) are known as "the Reader" because his intelligence that is very prominent. 
He was born in Stageira, North Greece son of a doctor in Macedonia during the reign of King Philip V, the father of Alexander the Great. Aristotle for 20 years was studied at the Academia of Plato. 

Aristotle left the Academia after Plato's death. 
Meanwhile, Academia led by the nephew of Plato's namely Speusippos. He taught in Assos because Hermelas, a pupil of Plato became the ruler there. Aristotle married Pythias, the adopted child of Hermelas and has a daughter. After his wife died, Aristotle was married to Herphyllis and blessed with a son. When the Persian army kills Hermelas, then Aristotle fled to Mytilene on the island of Lesbos. 
In 342 he became the tutor of Alexander the Great and founded a school in Athens called the Lyceum. 
school name is more famous by the name of Peripatetic, a school for philosophers are running. Famous words of Aristotle is "Amicus Plato, magical Amica veritas" (Plato is my friend, but the truth is more familiar to me). 
Aristotle's thinking about God is that God as Actus Purus, as the First Mover, not a creator universum. 
Objects that should be investigated by science is the causa efisien, causa finalis, causa materialist and causa formal. 
Aristotle's works include: biology, aetika, physics, politics, lecture, logic, metaphysics and psychology. 
His famous book is the Organon (instrument), which consists of 6 manuscripts that Kategoria (categories), Peri Hermenias (On Interpretation), Analytika Protera (Prior Analytics). Analytika Utera (Posterior Analytics), Topika (Topics) and Peri Sophistikon Eleykhon (Sophistical Refutation). 
Other works are Historia Animalum. 
According to Aristotle, the purpose of human life as Zoon-politikon is Eudamonia (Happiness). 

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