May 07, 2011

Peace Philosophy

Peace is a Mystery Like a Hope
Hegel once said that the world in which we live have never peace for one moment, so that world always filled with bloodshed and warfare. When there are 2 people, then the conflict would have happened, it was evident when God has revealed Adam and Eve to
the world and gave birth to their children are twins, it appears that's where the seeds of conflict. 

Wars and conflicts are a problem that is outside of man, while peace and harmony is a mystery surrounding the human self. One of mysteries is hope, while everyone expects peace and harmony in life. So peace is a mystery. In essence, the world is matrix in which mutual reciprocity that is day-night, men-women, love-hate and war-peace. So actually nothing new in this world as claimed by Gabriel Marcel "There is nothing new under the sun". War and peace we often feel in life and our inner. We are familiar with the atmosphere of such in a small scale. Therefore, in our large-scale warfare is often witnessed in various parts of the world. War was a battle between two parties who have an ego-centrism high. justice, love and religion is only used as a mask to cover the ambitions and ego-centrism. Even an English philosopher i.e. Bertrand Russell once said that war is the justification of the will to die on someone. 

Then will this world find a peace? Do not let it happen again World War I and II who have sacrificed millions of innocent lives for the sake of ambition of the rulers. Do not let the East-West conflict, such as the Islamic-Christian Crusade which took seven centuries. Do not let the re-emergence of disputes between America and Osama bin Laden's new in the future. Is that something that is possible? We must be confident and believe that someday the world will achieve peace. Our main asset is hope and utopianism. Hope and utopianisme make Columbus discovered the American continent, why not for the discovery of peace? Please consider saying a Spain philosophy expert, Giorgio Santillana in his book The Age of Adventure that “utopianism has become an essential component of our civilization".

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