March 16, 2012

The War is Mystery

A Conclusion: The war is Mystery

Hegel once said that nothing in this world for one moment that is not filled with war and conflict. Since Adam and Eve were born, then the conflict and the war has began to broadcast. War is human nature of the dark side. Bertrand Russell, British philosopher once said that war is a manifestation of the desire to die from the culprit. many people who wear a mask of religion, ideology, race, interest groups as a justification for war
War and peace are two sides of human nature and the world to think. Gabriel Marcel says that war is a mystery because there is war in man is not outside the self. War is not the problem, making war and peace back to the human mind is the culprit. War is a hope, whereas hope is in the form of the mystery of human desire. then the war is a mystery.

Kahlil Gibran expression we need to ponder: "And let love, and a poor man who led the day will come". We encourage you to read my other articles like sisi Filosofis Bisnis Online.

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