May 14, 2011

Socrates Philosophy

Socrates Philosophy: An imaginary Philosophy Dialogue with Socrates

On a day when I'm dreaming all but suddenly my mind wandered to the country of Greece. I met a diminutive making an oration in the marketplace. They say he is Socrates, a philosophy expert is son of the famous sculptor Sophroniscos and his mother a midwife named Phainarete. He spoke for all the people give priority to ethics and virtue. "O my brother, look for virtue as much as possible. Do not sell knowledge such as the sophists who requested payment for his teachings. Make your life as good as possible in order to achieve perfect happiness. Virtue is knowledge. Find the sky-high science that we can know ourselves, "Gnoty Seauton". So my speech, may be useful ", said Socrates as he drop from the table.

When Socrates drop-down, the traders after holding a pen and paper.Like a celebrity Socrates affix his signature on a piece of paper carried by the traders in that market. When Socrates walked to a coffee shop, I followed him from behind. Then there was a dialogue between me and Socrates.
Me: "Hello Socrates, introduce my name is Gabriel from Indonesia."
Socrates: "I am very pleased to meet you, Gabriel. Indonesia Oooh! I know Indonesia later in the 2000s will be a developed country.Forward because of his debt, because its officials are corrupt advanced, highly commercial educational systems such as those sophists here. Laws can be purchased. All kinds of stuff was very expensive, whereas self-esteem of Indonesia people are cheap ".
Me: "Woow, how can you know?. In fact you always reveal a famous philosophy quotes i.e. I know for sure is that I do not know anything "
Socrates:"I am a philosopher who knows everything to the root or radix."
Me: "Why do you always invite people to dialogue?"
Socrates: "I want them open their intellect and gave birth to common-sense honestly. I am inspired by my mother who often helped people who had the child. Therefore, my philosophy are dialectic method and Maieutika techne ".
Me: "Why do your theories and ideas rarely recorded or booked to be read by every person?".
Socrates: " Let it be done by my students that are Plato and Aristotle."
Me: "This last question, why is your mustache and beard so bushy?"
Socrates: "Wooow it a good question. My beard and mustache so bushy because there was no time to take care of it. I'm running out of time to think of everything. Moreover, no one here who sells a razor like in a modern country. If you visit again someday to me, please bring  gifts that are razor and shampoo for my hair is not dreadlocks like this. "
I am very glad have done a philosophy dialogue with Socrates. In the next time, I want to dialog with the others philosophers.

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