May 13, 2011

Philosophy of Teaching

Be A Young Socrates Who Make This World More Peaceful and Wise With Philosophy of Teaching

Is it really difficult to study philosophy? Is it true philosophy of teaching only dreamily at the sky without ever landing on earth? Is it easy for philosophy graduates to gain employment in pragmatism era as today? These questions reveal a lot of parents are surprised when her son received at
the faculty of philosophy at a university. Many parents who feel unfortunate when their boy choose the faculty of philosophy as the main option. Many high school students who doubt they can study philosophy if it is accepted into a faculty of philosophy

In essence, it is not easy to study philosophy, though not impossible. When we entered the world of philosophy, then we originally thought patterns are very simple to turn into a systematic, methodical and coherent. We will look at a problem instead of outward appearance, but up to the root of the problem or radix. Thus, a student of philosophy tends to be more careful in expressing something than the other student. But when the answer turned out to be evaluated more precisely, more comprehensive and more profound.
The output of philosophy graduates is very broad. He does not have to be a lecturer, journalist, editor, author, researcher. But many agencies and companies that want to receive the alumni philosophy. In fact, many national and private banks that accept employees from the graduate philosophy. Like playing music, then a graduate philosophy is a jazz player. He's a lot of improvising in accordance with the mood and desire of his heart. His soul is free and not stuck on one score or partiture, but the river flows like water.
Therefore, parents must be proud if his son chose philosophy of teaching as his chosen study program. So also for those of you who chose and received at a faculty of philosophy, then enjoy as much beauty to think in natural philosophy. Be a young Socrates and Aristotle who make this world more peaceful and wise.


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