May 28, 2011

Greek Philosophy 2

Thales as The First Philosopher 
Thales (624-548 BC) from Miletos. Thales was named by Aristotle as the first man in Greek Philosophy or the first natural philosopher. His profession was very varied ranging from a merchant, government expert, astronomers and geometry expert.

He was one of "The seven Wise Men" (hoi hepta sophoi) ie.  Thales, Bias of Priane, Pittakos from Mytilene, Soloon from Athens, Kleoboulos of Lindos, Khiloon of Sparta and Periandros from Korinthos.
Thales believes that Arkhe (principle, the principle, first base) of the universe is water. Water is the basis and purpose of all things. Water continues to exist in living organisms. Water also has a variety of forms: solid, liquid and vapor. Thales theory called Hylezoisme ie, all objects or material has a soul, for example, is a magnet to attract metal that is around.
Thales opinion different from other philosophers such as Anaximander or Anaximandros who say that the first foundation of the universe is To Apeiron, certain substances that are not their properties. While Anaximenes (590-528 BC) said that Arkhe is the air. The air surrounding the universe so that all living beings can breathe. The Phythagoras (580-532 BC) said that the origin of all things is number 1. Numbers 10 is the perfect number.
Development of Greek Philosophy on the universe continues to Herakleitos, Demokritos, Parmenides, etc. Please read also the previous topic that is Greek Philosophy in this blog.

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