May 11, 2011

Philosophy Quotes Part 2

Philosophy Quotes From  Bacon to  Comte

1. Francis Bacon (1561-1626), an English philosopher who revealed that famous philosophy quotes until now that is "Knowledge is Power". Books written by Francis Bacon are
Novum Organum, Advancement of Learning, New Atlantis. His thoughts are well-known is about 4 Idols, the idol of the tribe, house, market and stage. 

2. Albertus Magnus (1193-1280), a philosopher born Lauingen on the side  of the Donau. His real name is Albert Von Bollstadt. He was dubbed "Doctor Universalia" or "Doctor Magnus." Philosophy quotes he's saying is "Creation ex nihilo", that beings created by God without any ingredients. 
3. Aristotle (364-322 BC), was a pupil of Plato at the Academia for 20 years, Aristotle was called "The Reader" for cleverness.Philosophy quotes she's saying is "Zoon Politicon" that man lives by nature. 

4. George Berkeley (1685-1753), is a philosopher born in Ireland. Philosophy quotes is very famous ever his spoken was "Westward the course of empire takes its way". He taught at Trinity College Dublin. 
5. Martin Buber (1878-1965), was a Jewish philosopher and mystic. He is very popular with his book i.e.  Ich und Du (1923). A famous of philosophy quotes was uttered by Buber is "Ich werde am Du" or I become I by thee. 
6. August Comte (1786-1857) was born in Montpellir, France. He was a philosopher of positivism with famous works of the "Cours de Philosophie positive" consisting of 6 volumes (1830-1842). Philosophy quotes he's saying is: "Love as principle; regularity as a basic; progress as a goal." 
Hopefully all these philosophy quotes becomes' Aufklarung "and increase our knowledge in the field of study of philosophy. Please you read my before articles at this blog like Philosophy Quotes Part 1.

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