May 09, 2011

Philosophy Education

Let!s Us Make The Young Generation More Like to Study in Philosophy Education

When compared with others study programs and faculties such as economic, political, agricultural, teaching and medicine, the existence of the philosophy education in Indonesia in particular, in the world in general is less popular. Prospective students prefer study programs and faculty that provides job security that is easy
and has a bright career in the future. So the existence of the faculty of philosophy has only been in two universities in Indonesia, namely at the University of Gadjah Mada and the University Indonesia Jakarta,
although philosophy education in the UI is under the auspices of the faculty of science culture. Why is that? This is apart of the image and the assumption of the lay community who think that philosophy is the science of ancient, conservative, a lot of fantasy and dreamily, not grounded, many anomalies, etc. So the parents worry their children will be difficult to find a job if taking philosophy education at a university. Indeed, many prospective students who are following the test into college states that philosophy education does not become the primary choice or alternative options, because they doubt will find a better life in the future.

This Image and assumption is not entirely true, because almost all of alumni philosophy education Universitas Gadjah Mada (as example) there are no unemployed. They are many who work as journalists, professors, lecturers, researchers, entrepreneurs, bankers and other positions that are very tempting. Precisely when they pursue careers in various professions, they have the added-value when compared with counterparts who come from different study programs. They are more critical, more systematic and coherent in thought and expression, and more solution's and radix in solving problems that arise. Basically, the job world and market for graduates of philosophy of education is very stretched and re-trainable. Authors, editors, artists, playwrights, novelists is a few profession that is possible for alumni philosophy education. One note, that to become a world philosopher such as Alfred North Whitehead famous for his philosophy books of process and Juergen Habermmas with the theory of post-modernism it is not easy.

Therefore, O young generation of Indonesia in particular and world in general, let us learn the philosophy education to make people more love and more wise for their moral values, ethics, aesthetics, logic is noble and majestic. The sooner this world will find peace and harmony, if it is filled by people who love of wisdom such as the meaning of the word Philo = love and sophia = wisdom. The modern world is very very hoping for the new caliber philosopher like Socrates, Thomas Aquinas, Gabriel Marcel, Ibn Khaldun, Alfaraby, Erich Fromm and Herbert Marcuse, who always calls for love, harmony, peace, dialogue, two-way traffic Comunication to the creation of a more beautiful and humane civilization.

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